The Association was established on 2 October 2015 in Italy.
The founding Chairperson is Psycho-Social Sciences Doctor Sabrina Chinellato.

“LEZIONI DI BACIO” aims to illustrate, discuss, and review topics related to the emotional sphere, the approach with people, as well as social and emotional relationships arising from the social practice of kissing for educational, cultural and social development.
The Association promotes knowledge, teaching and reviewing of the kiss and its techniques which lead to the sharing of standards, uniformity of assessments and behaviour, to pragmatism, to the group's approaches to field theories, to exchange and social comparison, to relationships between attitudes and behaviours and their change, the concept of social relations, primary and secondary socialization, the individual's identity and the construction of the self, interpersonal relationships in adulthood, cultural contexts and communication skills, the other's perspective and non-verbal communication.

To pursue the aforementioned social development purposes, the Association provides the:
•Posting and dissemination of online educational and illustrative material about the associative cultural purposes through which it will promote discussion, criticism and a deeper understanding of the statutory purposes (video and audio tutorials, directions, suggestions and summaries of specialised texts, other...);
•Organising events related to the Association's cultural purposes which will be promoted through discussion, review and a deeper knowledge of the statutory purposes (online conferences, webcasts, interviews, events in dedicated places, round tables, conferences, exhibitions, study days, workshops, exhibitions, other...);
•Organising and promoting social initiatives related to the Association's cultural purposes, through which it will promote discussion, criticism and a deeper understanding of the statutory purposes (initiatives to enhance member involvement, consulting and collaborative initiatives with other groups, organisations and libraries);
•Promoting advanced knowledge and culture and the exchange of reciprocal experiences and ideas by conducting publishing and cultural activities in Italy and abroad and promoting initiatives for a deeper understanding of the statutory purposes;

The life of the Association, membership and member involvement is primarily managed through the use of new network technologies and new multimedia.

The Association is not for profit, but is based on self-financing, donations and contributions by Public and Private Entities. The Association may carry out any other activities linked or similar to the Association's corporate purposes, as well as perform all acts and close all contractual operations of real estate, securities, industrial and financial nature, as necessary and useful to pursue those purposes and, in any case, directly or indirectly connected to the same.

The Association can carry out commercial activities for the pursuit of its corporate purposes. Its activities are meant for all those who are interested in the practice of kissing, including its techniques and social interactions in every relationship context (singles, couples, family, friends). Through research, teaching and the reviewing of kissing, LEZIONI DI BACIO disseminates and promotes the sharing of standards, uniformity of feedback and behaviour within Society.

“There are things you cannot say with a hug... because the most profound and purest things are drawn from the soul only when invoked by a kiss”. Maurice Maeterlinck

Welcome to the world of the KISS