Like other digital platforms the VIRALKISS® platform aims to make the world more open and connected, enabling people to share contents. These regulations explain the information we collect and how said data is used and shared within VIRALKISS® platform. We will explain what information we may collect from the users of the VIRALKISS® platform, and how we collect, preserve, secure, share and to whom we may disclose your information.
These regulations apply to all products and services of the VIRALKISS® platform that do not provide their own privacy policy or that refer to these regulations, henceforth referred to as the "VIRALKISS® Services" or "Services."
Downloading and installing the VIRALKISS® platform constitutes user's acceptance to the collection, transfer, storage, dissemination and use of information by us as described in these regulations. VIRALKISS® operates internationally and the information could be sent and used in Italy regardless of your country of residence. Users downloading the APP consent to such transfer.

Various types of information connected to you are collected based on the Services that you use within the VIRALKISS® platform. The information may be provided directly by the user and other people using the VIRALKISS® platform. The collection of information is not always systematic but said data helps us to improve the APP and to verify the identity of users.
The VIRALKISS® platform collects content and other information you provide when you use our Services, even when creating an account, creating or sharing content or communicating with other people. The collected information may include present information or content-related data, such as the location of a video or the date when a file was created. We may also collect information on the way in which the users interact with our services, such as the types of content viewing or with which he/she interacts, or the frequency and duration of his/her activities. We may also collect content and information that other people provide when they use our services, including user information, on people and groups with which the user connects with and the way the user interact. We may also collect information that you provide when uploading, synchronizing or importing the information in question from a device. If the user uses VIRALKISS® Services for financial transactions (such as when the user makes a donation to the referenced Association or renews the membership fee), we may collect transaction information. This can be payment or other authentication information, and account, contact, shipping or billing information. We may collect information on computers, phones or other devices where you install the VIRALKISS® platform Services or through which the user accesses it, according to the authorizations submitted. We may associate the information we collect from your different devices in order to provide coherent Services on different devices.
The user profile information we collect may include:
•Registration information including name, social security number or tax number, address, email, telephone contact, gender, date of birth, sexual orientation, profession, nationality;
•Photos; personal video and related site-time identification;
•Access data and lists of friends on the social networks and their interactions;
•Data on preferences as a consumer and consumer trends (only if you have given us the authorization);
•Device information that we may collect include:
•Attributes such as the operating system, the hardware version, device settings, names and types of files and software, signal strength and battery and device identifiers.
•Positions of the devices, including specific geographic locations, such as through GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
•Connection information such as the name of your mobile operator or ISP, browser type, language and time zone, the mobile phone number and IP address.
We may also collect information when you visit or use the Web sites and third-party applications that use the VIRALKISS® platform Services (such as when using our advertising and measurement services). This is the information on Web sites and applications you use, the use of our services in these Web sites and applications and the information that the developer or publisher of the application or Web site provide you or us.
We may receive information about users and their activities inside and outside the VIRALKISS® platform from third party partners, when we offer joint services (only if you have given us the authorization).
The user releasing the phone number could receive SMS messages from the VIRALKISS® platform; the user agrees to receive such messages from us for the promotion of services and products. Although no fee for this service is foreseen, your service provider may charge costs for each message received. You agree that the Non-Profit Association for Social Development "LEZIONI DI BACIO" and VIRALKISS® are not responsible for these charges.
In any event, the Non-Profit Association for Social Development "LEZIONI DI BACIO" and VIRALKISS® advise caution in the dissemination of personal data within the platform. We encourage users to limit or control the spread of sensitive data to prevent abuse or misuse by third parties. Some of the sensitive data that should not be shared on your profile includes, in particular, details on religion, health status or political orientation.
WARNING NOTE: photos and videos on VIRALKISS® might accidentally reflect sensitive data. The user who decides to upload and disclose sensitive information or content specifying their personal information (thus making them part of the public domain or usable by a group of persons), expressly authorises us to process such information. With the publication of sensitive personal data, the amount of shared data will be fully the user's responsibility.
We always reserve the right to delete the account of those who publish content not in line with our terms and conditions and with our CODE OF ETHICS which must be signed during the first registration.

VIRALKISS® may create custom digital experiences. Using all the information available to us we try to provide, improve and develop our Services.
Customizing content and offering the user targeted suggestions, we could use this information to understand how you use and interact with our Services and to which persons or content you connect.
We may also use the information we have to provide you with personalised and geo-localised suggestions.
We may conduct surveys and research, we analyse the information we have to develop and improve our products and services.
We could use the information to provide you information about our Services and our regulations and terms. We use user information to answer when you contact us.
If authorised, we may send you communications regarding specific AD-HOC initiatives or use the information in our possession to develop measurement systems to show users relevant ads inside and outside of our Services and measure the effectiveness and coverage of listings and services.
We use the information we have to check the accounts and activities and to promote the safety and security inside and outside of our Services, for example by identifying suspicious activity or violations of our conditions or regulations. We do our best to protect your account making use of automated and advanced technologies.

Users of the VIRALKISS® platform, use our Services to connect and share content with other users within the VIRALKISS® platform.
The information within the platform can be shared in a controlled manner:
When a user shares content and communicates with other users using our Services, the user selects the audience that may see and benefit what the user shares. For example, when editing a personal video on the VIRALKISS® platform, the user selects the audience for the post, which can be a select group of people (your kissing friends in the KISSBOX), or all users of the VIRALKISS® platform (all users in the public BAKEKA).
Public information is the data that you share with all users of the VIRALKISS® platform in his/her public profile (in the public BAKEKA).
Public information is available within our Services and you can see this only if the user has regularly registered on the VIRALKISS® platform and is a Member of a referenced Association.
In some cases, users with whom you share content can share this content again with other users, but only within our Services and if authorised by you.
The videos and content already present within the VIRALKISS® platform "Area Subcategories":
•May be marked as favourites and may be viewed within the KISSBOX of the user.
•May be viewed in the "sent" and "received" area within the user's personal KISSBOX (Identifying the sender and the recipient is your purely your prerogative, namely, your kissing friends in KISSBOX may see the videos you have sent or received but not who you sent them to or who you received them from).
•They can be shared by the user or by a FRIENDKISS with other users subscribed to the platform.

The videos and personal content uploaded by the user within the VIRALKISS® platform:
•Cannot be marked as favourites, but can be displayed within the personal KISSBOX or public notice board (according to the choice of how to share).
•Can be displayed in the "sent" and "received" areas within the user's personal KISSBOX but cannot be shared by other users (e.g. a KISSFRIEND cannot send your PERSONAL KISS to other users but can only view and mandatorily vote).
•Can be shared with other users by the user who uploaded them.
Users can also see some information about a personal profile that other KISSFRIEND users have inserted in the VIRALKISS® platform.

If the user grants us permission (accept the PRIVACY DISCLAIMER of the Association), we may transfer information to vendors, service providers and other partners that support the VIRALKISS® platform globally, for example by providing technical infrastructure services, analysing how our Services are used, measuring the effectiveness of advertisements and services, providing assistance, facilitating payments or conducting academic research and surveys. These partners must respect the privacy obligations without contravening the present Legislation on data and the agreements that we enter into with them.

The data will remain stored within the VIRALKISS® platform until the account is deleted. The removed content may be stored in backup copies for a specified period of time (although not visible to others) according to the Association's archival purposes for reference and according to the law in force. When the account is disabled, we do the utmost to avoid it still being visible. If the user wants to delete the account he or she can do so at any time, but it must be sequential with the request to resign from the relative Association. The Non-Profit Association for Social Development "LEZIONI DI BACIO" and VIRALKISS® are not responsible for any information, photography, video, comment or any content deleted from our systems by means of account deactivation.
Upon account deletion, published content will be removed unless such contents have not been shared with third parties, and that these have not eliminated them.
WARNING: even after removing all information from the profile, or after deleting the account, copies of these data may still be visible and / or accessible to the extent in which the information has been previously shared. These data could also have been somehow copied and stored by other members or available on search engines. VIRALKISS® cannot control these situations, therefore it will not accept responsibility.

We can access user information and store them and share them in response to a legal request if we believe in good faith that the law requires us to do so. The above may include the response to requests from jurisdictions outside those in Italy, if we have reason to believe that this is made mandatory by the local law of the jurisdiction in question, with regard to users who respond to such jurisdiction and comply with standards recognised at the international level.
Additionally, we can access the information and store them and share them if we believe in good faith that this is necessary to: detect, prevent and manage fraud and other illegal activities; protect the property of the platform, the user and other persons, including investigations; preventing events that could lead to imminent bodily harm or death.
We can provide information on the reliability of the accounts of users to third party partners to prevent fraud and improper use inside and outside of our Services. When we receive information about users, including data related to financial transactions of donations made through the VIRALKISS® platform, these can be accessed, processed and stored for an extended period of time when they are the subject of legal proceedings, of a government investigation or investigations concerning possible violations of our conditions or regulations or to avoid damage. We can also store the information in the account of disabled users who do not meet our conditions for at least one year in order to avoid the recurrence of improper use or other violations of our conditions.
The Non-Profit Association for Social Development "LEZIONI DI BACIO" along with VIRALKISS® adopt the appropriate security measures to help protect user information from loss, misuse and unauthorised access, or disclosure. The security measures put in place protect the confidentiality of personal information via for example the use of secure servers, equipped with firewalls. Unfortunately no website, application or network protocol is 100% secure, so it is not possible to guarantee that unauthorised access will never occur, nor attacks by hackers, data loss or other types of violations. To protect the security of your data, we recommend:
•Always making sure to exit from the Account before closing VIRALKISS®;
•Never share your password with anyone;
•Change your password periodically.
If users become aware of any unauthorised use of their password, they must immediately report the incident and immediately change their password. The Non-Profit Association for Social Development "LEZIONI DI BACIO" along with VIRALKISS® cannot guarantee the security of personal data of users when it is transferred to our platform, and any transfer of such data is at the user's own risk.
The Non-Profit Association for Social Development "LEZIONI DI BACIO" along with VIRALKISS® accepts no liability and makes no warranties, express or implied, in case of any breach of security, damage to the user's device or any other loss or unauthorised use of the user's registration data or other data.
This privacy policy may change over time. The latest version will regulate the use of data and will always be available at the webpage If "LEZIONI DI BACIO" along with VIRALKISS® deems, under our sole discretion, that the change is of particular importance, we may notify users for example with an email address associated with users' Accounts or by posting a notice via the platform. Continuing to access and use the platform after the changes involves the acceptance by the user of the new version of the legislation on privacy, which will be binding.
The data holder responsible for your information is the Non-Profit Association for Social Development "LEZIONI DI BACIO" in the person of Chairperson Dr Sabrina Chinellato, who authorises the use of data by the VIRALKISS® platform through the Privacy Policy during the application for admission to membership. For some AD-HOC services described above, all users are required to accept the PRIVACY DISCLAIMER. If the PRIVACY DISCLAIMER is not provided, some of the VIRALKISS® services cannot be delivered.

For information you can contact the Non-Profit Association for Social Development "LEZIONI DI BACIO" directly by email at the following address:

The Association "LEZIONI DI BACIO" for VIRALKISS® 2016