Kissing one another, kiss others and be kissed...

From an early age, we understand that kissing represents the most important physical expression of more or less deep feelings.
In most cultures kissing is the universal symbol of love and romance, described by poets, writers and painters of all times.
Kissing is also used as a means of communicating important social messages and strong cultural changes that have marked and continue to affect our society.
Over time the physical act of kissing has exceeded the limits imposed by modesty, becoming spontaneous and free.
We are currently witnessing further development in the nature of the kiss. The freedom we have won has turned into abuse, and often a kiss is easily wasted, losing that magic and meaning that it once held.
Many have spoken and addressed the practice of kissing, by studying the various methods, uses, the various implications on a physical and psychological level and demonstrating the importance of the act; however, the act of kissing being made a common spectacle is contributing to its trivialization.

The goal of the LEZIONI DI BACIO Association is to restore the importance of a kiss, a meaning that goes far beyond the simple physical act of kissing, using illustrative tools which mostly contribute to stimulate our memories and our emotions: movies, literature, art, and personal experiences.

By reviewing and critiquing different types of kissing in different situations, LEZIONI DI BACIO wants to immerse itself in our reality and address the issue of the relationship between attitudes and behaviour and how they can be changed for personal improvement.

We wish to consider social relationships concepts, primary and secondary socialization, individual identity and the construction of the self, of interpersonal relationships in adulthood, cultural and communicative skills contexts, other's perspective and nonverbal communication, the study of social comparison theories among individuals, and attempt to clarify the various aspects of the approach between parents and children, in an era of great inequalities and misunderstandings.

The Association will extensively speak of philematology, the science which studies the functions and aspects of kissing between two partners.

A better understanding of how to appropriately use the kiss helps us to express our deepest feelings and helps make it a powerful means of social communication that could lead to better relationships between people and with people.

“There are things you cannot say with a hug... because the most profound and purest things are drawn from the soul only when invoked by a kiss”. Maurice Maeterlinck

Welcome to the world of the KISS